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Spring Rain (thumbnail) Spring Rain (close up) (thumbnail) Moon Drops (thumbnail) Gaining Entrance (thumbnail) Gaining Entrance (close up) (thumbnail) A quiet place (thumbnail) A quiet place (close up) (thumbnail) In the mist (thumbnail) In the mist (close up) (thumbnail) Field (thumbnail) Reflection (thumbnail) Reflection (close up) (thumbnail) Untitled (thumbnail) Untitled (close up) (thumbnail) Rhythmic dance (thumbnail) Rythmic dance (close up) (thumbnail) Requiem (thumbnail) Requiem (close up) (thumbnail) Untitled Landscape (thumbnail) Fruitfull Darkness (thumbnail) Fruitfull Darkness - close up (thumbnail) In the rush of wind (thumbnail) Rush of wind (close up) (thumbnail) Cantos (thumbnail) Cantos (close up) (thumbnail) Spring Thaw (thumbnail) Spring Thaw (close up) (thumbnail) Wandering clouds (thumbnail) Wandering clouds (closeup) (thumbnail)
Requiem (large view)
Acrylic on cradled hardboard